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What We Need From You

We will ask many questions so that we can portray your business or plan in the best possible light!

Questions will include:

• Ownership background and management experience
• Info on planned product or service
• Info on market for the product or service, any surveys, research, etc.
• Any existing business records, such as financial statements if available
• Financial projections if available (or we can develop with you)
• Capital structure, equity ownership plans, legal structure and considerations
• Other antecedent information (maps, photos, etc.)
• Anything else that we deem relevant to making a strong plan

We can meet in person but we find it is much more cost effective to work remotely, via phone, email and Skype.  This holds your costs down (we charge for travel).

All our work is confidential and we will sign a SOW (Statement of Work) and a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you.

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